Announcing Vivienne!

It’s two and a half months later and I am only now introducing our daughter, Vivienne. It’s been a big change. I am┬ásuper glad that I have a crapload of maternity leave (thanks gigantic retailer!) because it would have been exponentially more difficult to get this whole parenting thing going if it had all fallen to Maria to take care of a newborn.

Needless to say, it’s been incredibly exciting. We’re still astonished that we were allowed to leave the hospital without so much as a competency test or at least a good grilling on basic parenting. Really? None of that? None of that.

So, as soon as Vivi was deemed healthy-enough-to-leave, we left. There were a lot of hijinx in the hospital. All I want to say about that is that I am very glad I did not tempt fate (see my previous post), as Vivi’s birth was quite harrowing. I am happy for hospitals and Western medicine.

So here’s Vivienne:

Vivi up close
Vivi up close

She is amazing and feisty, happy and cute as hell. I am cherishing every day, but the days keep going by incredibly fast. Perhaps it’s because my days and nights, sleeping and waking, are in 2 and 3 hour increments. But even though I want it to last, I can’t wait to see what Vivi does next, how she changes. Sometimes I just stare at her, trying to commit all of the little bits, actions and images of her to memory.

I think I love this parenting thing.

Vivi at 2.5 months. Note the hoodie!
Vivi at 2.5 months. Note the hoodie! It has ears.